Photo Gallery - We get pictures and letters at Fehr Meadow Golden Retrievers
Buddy watching a puppy video of
Tess - Honey's pup
Beautiful pup,
beautiful mom
I DON'T think so!
Jackson as a
little boy
"We took Jack to the Vet yesterday and he
checked out just fine.  No problems. He is
night and when we are not home.  He has
only had a couple of accidents in the crate
and out.  Maybe 2-3 since Thursday.  He
has been sleeping through the night and not
waking us up until 5:30 or 6:00.  He loves to
be outside with us.  He can climb up the
deck stairs now but has not attempted to
go down on his own yet.
Thank you for all of your help and advice.  It
sure helped a lot.  I am enclosing a few
pictures, as you can see he loves to curl
up on Tony's boots, and the kids adore him.
We are still working on the cat!"
Addy, looking just like her mom
"I just wanted to let you know
today and since his last visit
he almost doubled in size.
Last time he was 15 lbs now
he is 24 lbs. He is doing very
well the vet loves his we so
love him! His feet look like he
is going to be a good size
when he is done growing.
Thanks so much for a
wonderful addition to our
family, we will be ever
"Yonna and Cody (Lab) have bonded
Gorgeous Ginger/Truman pup
"Attached are pictures of Rodney, Honey and Cuki
Kutya's puppy from last fall.  He has grown up to be
such a good boy.  We love him and he makes our
house feel like a home..."
Lily (one of Honey's pup's) is doing
so great.  We already love her so
much.  She's been so good with
the potty training.  Has really
caught on quick.  
On Sunday Lily was out for a while
in the warm sun, grabbed a stick
she found & acted like she'd done
this for weeks.  It was so funny.  She
LOVES going outside.  If it's cold
we obviously aren't out for long, but
I just thought it was funny how
much she loves being outside.  
What a perfect pet for our family as
my kids are big "outdoor" fans.
Good Morning,
We just wanted
again to extend our
thanks for giving us
such a perfect little
girl.  She did very
dog, Ben, are
getting better

Enjoy the rest of the
How are you? I wanted to let you know that we
took Holly to the vet this morning and everything
went great. There is something about a golden
pup that made everyone at the vet's office stop
and talk to us. Everyone asked where she came
from and I told them about Meadow View . My
family and I really fell in love with this little girl.
Thanks again, you made my family very happy.
Tell Sarah thanks for helping us
bring Carly into our family. She was
from Honey's Feb 2006 litter.
You truly picked a one in a million pup for us. We
feel so blessed to have found him. We wanted
you to know how well he is. He did not cry or
complain at all on the ride home . He just
cuddled in my lap and napped . Once home we
all relaxed and played with him. We set him up
gate so he could see us. He whimpered at
lights out for no time, maybe less then 1 minute,
and fell asleep. We were so relieved that he did
not cry. We expected to be woken during the
night a few times but he slept straight to 7
o'clock and then went immediately outside. We
have had only two tiny accidents in the house
and that more us learning his timing after
eating. We have had many successful times
outside . By the way, did you know he loves the
snow ? He reminds us a bit of a little polar bear .
He likes to roll in it. We just thought you should
know that we believe he is happy. His tail wags
a lot and he is so cuddly and gives lots of
kisses. We are so glad to have found him. We
will send pictures shortly. Please let us know if
you are ever traveling in this direction,  We would
be happy to have you come visit .
Thank you again for this truly remarkable puppy

Tess is really beautiful Golden
Retriever and she is so clever, she
knows the sit, down, come back and
stay, she is learning follow on leash
and without leash. She impresses me!
She is so friendly and always so
happy to meet people! She has to
learn, not jumping on people! She is
bit by bit learning it! I think it's the
most difficult thing to teach her!
I send you a few pictures from her!
Thank you again! I'm so happy to
have her as dog/friend!
Kind regards to all of you,       Magali
renamed her gorgeous Golden Girl Gracie May (or
addition to the family and in the short time she has
been with us, I couldn't imagine not having her as
part of our family. She feels more like another child
then just a "pet"

But all and all, she is great company. She loves all
people and goes mad when she see kids, and gets a
little upset when I won't let her loose to play with
them. She really has been no trouble at all, and was
just left out alone in the house for the first time
while I ran my daughter to her friends house. When I
came home she was in the same place I left her.
She has a wonderful personality and is very smart
and learns fast. I have enclosed a couple of pictures
for you and your family.
Another Tess - Ginger's pup
Zoey in mid-flight. (3 ft. off the ground)-
Brandy's daughter
Tess, growing up and still
beautiful like Ginger
since it will be a year next week that we
brought her home. I think she was Ginger 1.
She is such a wonderful dog. A very great
temperment. I know I was a little nervous
getting a dog since we had just put our cat to
sleep and Zoe was so laid back. I have to say
I'm very happy she is here. Zoe is a perfect
addition to the family. She is also very good
with the kids and keeps track of them and
looks out for them. Anna is in kindergarden
this year and Zoe waits at the end of the
driveway just about every day for her to come
home. If she's off playing or happens to be in
the house, if she hears the bus she comes
running or barks to go outside and meet her.
She usually hears the bus before I do.As you
can see from the picture, she still loves
playing in the snow. We have a wireless
fence so she has free roam of about 90% of
our yard and loves it. I we would let her stay
out all day she would. Even in the really cold
weather we've had the last week or so we
have to drag her in.
Beautiful Zoe - Tess's sister
Tess at pick-up
I wish you and your family Happy Holidays and
all the best for the coming year 2011!
Tess is doing fine, she turned 2 years in
November. She is always so great, she is a love!
She is calm in the house like you told me she
would be and very fit and energetic outside! She
is so good with my kids and loves people so
much. She has a strong personality but the poor
dear is so afraid of fireworks, she was shaking like
a leaf this summer.
Tess has a new pet friend, a small dog called
Ginger, she is a Lhasa-poo and just turn 1year in
November, they have a lot of fun playing
together! Tess is 61 Lbs and Ginger is 10 Lbs but
it doesn't seem to be a problem. Tess is so gentle
with others, she loves peaceful relations.
We will go back to Switzerland mid September
2011, it would be a big day but everyone will be
with us and will continue their life in Switzerland!
I always love to watch your website and the new
puppies!Hope you, your family and your dogs are
doing well!
Kindest Regards,
Pictures REALLY are worth a thousand words!
This beautiful
picture of Brandy's
pup was taken by
Joanne Lee
Photography.  To
contact her
Belair - a Truman/Sandy pup
"We're loving Lexie so
much, she's amazing
with the kids!
Take care,"     
Echo/Timber pup
Dakota, dressed for
Valentines Day (a
Truman/Sandy pup
Holding a golden retriever pup
Nancy cuddles her new golden puppy
Buddy at 4 months
(Daniel) Boone- Shiloh's
pup at his new house
Beautiful Rachel and cute little Nikki
Thanks, Nancy for one of my favorite pics.
One Fehr Meadow dog watching another in
the water.