Information for families purchasing pups

1) Read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.  That will answer
many common questions.

2) Download and print the new puppy packet of information.

3) 2 weeks before your puppy comes home, order Large Breed Puppy food.  
Use this

To get a discount on your order:

a)As you are setting up your account, choose the option for Autoship.  

b)When you get your customer number, please e-mail it to me and I will
change your status to permanent wholesale so you can add items to your
future orders (shampoo, ear cleaner, etc.) and get the wholesale price without
having those items shipped every month.

4) The puppies are currently on GNLD Vitamin C for their hips.  We feel
very strongly that Vitamin C is a key factor in reducing or eliminating hip
dysplasia.  GNLD is molecularly natural (unlike synthetic vitamins) and is
the best choice for the pups.  You can order it
here.  Read the current
research on Vitamin C at the bottom of this page.

5) If you decide to crate train (and we highly recommend that you do) you will
need to borrow or buy a crate.  A large crate will allow your puppy to use the
crate as a den for life.  A 24"- 26" crate, measured front to back, is perfect
for your little one for the first few months.  We suggest that you use a few old
bath towels until the pup is about 6 months old because golden pups can be
serious chewers and beds will become a chew toy.

6) You need a food and water bowl.  We like the non-tip metal bowls and
always remove any rubber ring from the bottom.

7) Chew toys are essential.  Both Kong and Nylabone toys have stood up to
the abuse that our own dogs have given them.  Rope toys are usually good
also.  Any toy, especially those that have stuffing or are made of softer
rubber or plastic should always be used only when the puppy is directly
supervised.  We never use rawhide in our kennel and feel that it is very
dangerous for pups. When the puppy is older, Life's Abundance Porky Puffs  
are a digestible alternative.

8) Get a gentle shampoo and an ear cleaner. We highly recommend those
made by Life's Abundance because they are made with botanicals (herbs,
etc.) so they do not dry out the delicate tissues in the ear or the pup's skin
and coat.  In addition, we love Life's Abundance Refresher Spray for
cleanups between baths.  You can add these items to your first order.  When
I get your customer number, I will make them a one-time order so you get
only the food (and optional treats) each month.

9) Please download and print these pages for your records.  You will need a
free Adobe reader that is available

The First Few Days with a Golden Puppy

A Few Tips for Goldens

Hip Dysplasia

Housetraining Goldens

Sample Housetraining Schedule

Puppy Warranty