Will you ship your pups?
No.  We want to meet the families that have our pups and we want the
families to see our home and meet our goldens.

Are your pups sold with a limited or a full AKC registration?
We send our pups home with a limited AKC registration.

Can I send in a deposit now and how much should I send?
We only accept deposits after the puppies are born.  At that time, we take a
$100 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy for a particular family.

Who picks out the puppy for our family?
As much as possible, you do.  We will give as much guidance regarding
temperament, size and color as we can determine in such a young puppy.  
We encourage you to meet and play with all available pups.  Over and
over, we see that certain pups just seem to fit with certain families.

How will I know when the puppies are born?
I will keep the web site updated.

Can I come out and meet you before the pups are born or as soon
as they are born?
We do not allow families to visit when we have a pregnant female in the last
weeks of pregnancy or have very young pups.  After a litter has been to the
vet and has received their first shots (about 6-7 weeks of age), we
encourage families to come out to visit and select their new family member
as well as meet our human and canine family. We have families come out in
the order that they were added to the waiting list for a particular litter unless
the timing is not possible for a certain family.

What paperwork is necessary and how do I fill it out?
When the pups are born, we will send a deposit contract by e-mail.  The
contract will tell you what you will receive when your pup goes home as well
as asking you to tell us a little about your family situation.  When the puppy
goes home, we will give you a warranty asking that you have the puppy
checked by your own veterinarian (with in 15 days of purchasing the puppy)
and giving the right to return the pup for a refund (not including the
deposit) if your vet finds a health condition that ours has missed. You can
return the deposit contract by e-mail or by snail mail.

When are payments due and what forms of payment do you take?
The $100 deposit is due when your name is placed on the waiting list for a
particular litter and the balance including tax is due when you pick up the
pup.  The deposit can be made through the Paypal link on the "New Litters"
page or by check.  When the puppy is picked up the balance must be in

What days and hours is your kennel open?
We schedule appointments Monday-Saturday, trying to work around the
schedules of families as much as possible.  We do reserve Sundays for
worship and family.